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2013 - Present

 Civil Suits/Depositions 

6-20-13: Doe 4 vs. DOC (Porter)

11-21-13: Doe 19 vs. DOC (Fitzgerald)

8-31-15: Judge Orders DOC (Marben)

10-3-16: Settlement (Jeyapaul)

5-9-17: Ron Vasek Civil Suit /Press Release (Hoeppner, Grundhaus)

12-27-17: Wrongly Reinstated(Sullivan)

10-8-18: Depositions

11-5-19:  DOC Depositions Released

2-4-20: Vatican Prohibits Bishop Hoeppner from Handling Sex Abuse Cases While Under Investigation for Concealing Clergy Abuse Himself

2017 - Present

News Reports

5-10-17:  MN Bishop Rejects Claim

9-26-18: Alleged Abuse Victim Searches for Justice

7-17-19: DOC Reaches Settlement/Releases Depositions

9-10-19:  Vos estis Investigation Hoeppner

11-5-19: Bishop Kept Abuser in Ministry

1-14-20: When Will Pope Francis Act on Hoeppner?

2-4-20: Vatican Further Investigation Hoeppner.


Vortex, News Reports,

The Download

11-21-17: MN Abuse Victim Claims Bishop Bullied

6-4-19: Bishop Slams Michael Voris

6-5-19: Vortex 'Cover Up Bishop Attacks CM'

8-8-19: Vortex 'Competing Catholicism'

9-14-19: Michael Voris Speaker at Roman Catholic Revival Crookston

10-11-19: MN First to be Investigated

11-5-19: Deposition, Victim Testimony

11-6-19: Vortex 'Busted Bishop' (Ron Vasek Interview)

12-16-19: Catholics Demand Ouster MN Bishop

12-18-19: Vortex 'This Has Got to End' (Bemidji, Hoeppner, Braukmann, Huck)

1-10-20: MN Priest on Leave-Speaks Out (Kujawa)

1-14-20: Vortex 'Vengeful Bishop' (Bemidji, Hoeppner, Kujawa, Foltz)

2-4-20: Vatican Deepening Investigation (Hoeppner)

2-25-20: MN Laity Launch Website to Purify Their Diocese

4-14-21: Abusive Fathers (Hoeppner Mass of Thanksgiving/Farewell)

4-15-21: Good Riddance (Hoeppner Resignation)

February 2020

Ave Maria Radio:

Kresta in the Afternoon

Feb. 18, 2020:  Interview with Ron Vasek.


National Catholic Register

Sep. 12, 2019: Vatican Authorizes 'Vos Estis' Investigation Into Minnesota Bishop Hoeppner

Nov. 5, 2019:  Depositions Reveal MN Bishop Kept Admitted Child Abuser in Ministry. 


Crookston Times

Feb. 5, 2020:  Diocese of Crookston - Hoeppner Will No Longer Will Be Involved Investigations


Grand Forks Herald

Grand Forks, ND

Mar. 8, 2020: Cindy Driscoll sues lawyer (Sacred Heart Foundation, Sacred Heart Church, East Grand Forks) over will.  Msgr. Michael Foltz, pastor at the time.


Native American Press

Ojibwe News

May 3, 2002  FBI files criminal complaint against Red Lake Indian
Gary Lee Wipf charged with possession of child pornography

St. Mary's Catholic Mission, Red Lake, MN.  Fr. Patrick Sullivan was pastor at the time.


Resignation of Bishop Michael Joseph Hoeppner

CROOKSTON, MINNESOTA, April 13, 2021 – It has been announced today that, after an extensive investigation, the Holy Father, Pope Francis, asked for, and has now accepted the resignation of Bishop Michael Hoeppner from the pastoral governance of the Diocese of Crookston.